Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 124: National Pet Parent’s Day

For those who tirelessly scoop poop, dish out kibble and share a cramped bed with four paws, this day is for you. You’ve planned birthday parties for Fido, bought specially-formulated oatmeal shampoo that costs more than your own, and made a point to stroll down the pet aisle every time you shop at the convenience store. You might even plan vacations that include your pet, or make a point to carve out a couple of hours a day for playtime at home, a dog park or even the beach. Devoted pet parents like you deserve more than a pat on the back — celebrate Pet Parent’s Day and bond with your pet this weekend.

National Pet Parent’s Day officially takes place on the last Sunday of April.  This holiday is to celebrate pet caregivers – those who consider their pets part of their family. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, in 2006, nearly 50% of pet owners considered their pets family members.  Also, those who consider themselves to be pet parents are most likely U.S. pet caregivers, young pet owners without children, and older pet owners with children who no longer live at home.

Pet owners demonstrate parental behavior through gift giving, allowing their pets to sit at the dinner table, having their pets participate in special occasions by giving them an active role (i.e. ring bear at a wedding).  The Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) found in one of their surveys conducted amongst their policyholders and web visitors that 56% of pet owners sleep in the same bed as their pets and in another survey that 23% bring their pets on family vacations.

We get so much from our bond with our pets (dogs, cats, and other pets). There have been many studies indicating the different physical, psychological and emotional benefits we get through our relationship with dogs and cats.

Founded in 1978, Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center works in concert with its sister organization, Noah's Ark Children Care Homes, to bring children and animals together for the purpose of providing unconditional love, unconditional service, and a future full of hope. The facility is home to over 1,000 animals and is licensed by the State of Georgia to provide residential care for up to 24 children. The wildlife from the rehabilitation center and the children from the Children's Care Home play a vital role for each other. The children participate in pet therapy, nurturing the baby wildlife as the animals are rehabilitated in hopes of eventually being returned to their natural habitat.

Their mission is to provide a home for abused, unwanted, and orphaned children and animals. They also aim to provide an education for a culturally diverse group of children: school, improved social skills and emotional stability are part of their plan to help break the cycle of poverty and destructive behavior. To provide an awareness through their rehab/education programs which emphasize that all living things have value no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

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