Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 132: Kids Win Week

May 2 through May 8 is Kids Win Week! Help a child to win by providing opportunities for that child to experience himself as capable and see himself as an achiever. Ensure that she will have a series of successful experiences in a safe and supportive environment such that she will develop a competency or skill. The competency can be in martial arts, music, dance or anything else. The key is to find or create opportunities for success and to be there to support and encourage the child every step of the way.

According to a two-year study conducted by The National Research Council’s Committee on Community-Level Programs for Youth, it is critical to provide opportunities for children to build self-efficacy - the experience of themselves as capable and able to meet life’s challenges - and establish strong supportive relationships with caring adults.

Set the expectation that we are all achievers and have within us the ability to achieve great and wonderful things. Hold no preconceptions. Children must believe that you believe in them. You MUST believe in their ability to succeed. Recognize incremental improvements and build on the strengths of each child. In this environment, children flourish.

Project Hawai'i, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers an Award Winning Teen Mentoring Summer Camp program. Their teen mentoring program provides teens with the opportunity to expand their potential and gain leadership skills while enhancing the lives of homeless children. Creating future leaders by allowing the teens to take charge of their own educational growth by tackling real world problems. They enroll teens between the ages of 14-17 for a maximum of 24 per year.

Their camp provides the poverty stricken children with exciting and interactive encounters that will open up the world around them, and provide for better future opportunities. All campers will have hands on experiences that will enhance their appreciation for, and understanding of their environment, community and Hawaiian culture. Project Hawai'i, Inc. supports a well rounded educational program that gives these children the hope they deserve! Furthermore, our camp is designed to allow the children to escape their everyday troubles in a safe and serene environment. They provide them with basic life skills to help them keep clean and healthy, as well as introduce them to various arts, music, and other activities to keep their minds focused on success. These keiki WILL gain self-esteem beyond comparison and be ready to face their world once they return home.

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