Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 152: Family Wellness Month

May is Family Wellness Month so spread the word about this important observance. Family wellness is something that impacts every one of us. While the medical health of families is important, Family Wellness Month strives for communities to stress healthy family lifestyles and habits as well. The healthier each individual family is overall, the healthier we can all be as a whole!

This month was established to raise awareness of family wellness and lifestyle changes that must be made to ensure the health and safety of the family circle.  Family Wellness Month was developed to empower and educate parents with solutions, resources and specific services to achieve or maintain a healthy family lifestyle. 

Empowering parents to make important decisions about the health of their children is essential.  Not only do parents need to maintain physical health of their children, but they also need to help maintain emotional and psychological wellness of their child.  An unhealthy family life, such as one including violence in the home, is detrimental to a child’s health and wellness. 

Children who witness domestic violence in the home can experience anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and engage in self-destructive behaviors.  Statistics show that witnessing violent behavior as a child has a strong correlation of transmitting violence from one generation to the next. To end the cycle of violence in children, Hubbard House, a certified domestic violence center, offers a variety of outreach programs and services to provide guidance for children. 

Domestic violence is an epidemic that affects thousands of women, children, and men in Duval and Baker counties each year and can impact generations to come. There are four main types of abuse in domestic violence situations: physical, emotional, economic, and sexual abuse. Domestic violence is often more than an isolated incident. It is a recurring cycle of violence that often increases in severity over time. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the abuse they are living with is domestic violence and, as a result, do not seek help. Others know they are living in fear but do not know help is available.

The mission of Hubbard House is Every Relationship Violence-Free. Their priorities include providing safety for victims and their children, empowering victims, and social change through education and advocacy. Every woman, man, and child who go to Hubbard House finds support,  counseling, and education as they begin the difficult and dangerous transition to safety and peace. Victims of domestic violence and their children are not charged for the life-saving services they receive at Hubbard House.
Hubbard House has been and continues to be an award-winning pioneer in the field. In all they do, victim safety is their top priority. They value the experiences of survivors and learn from them. They shelter approximately 90 victims and their children each day and provide services to over 5,000 victims a year.

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